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10 Tips On How To Bet The NFL

Tip #1 - Check the Weather report

These days the Internet makes it easy to check not only today's weather, but the projected forecast for the weekend. Take advantage and do your homework, checking regularly throughout the week to make sure weather conditions (don't forget wind!) won't disrupt your game (and money) come gameday.

Tip #2 - Check the injury report

NFL teams are required to give regular injury updates. Some coaches are more forthright and honest than others, so pay close attention throughout the season to see which teams' reports are most accurate. Keeping up with the updates on ESPN, Fox and the various team blogs for injury news is also encouraged.

Tip # 3 - Check quarterback performance versus opponent

Drew Brees shreds the league in his home dome, but how does he play outdoors when it's 30 degrees out? Know your history as it is often a good indicator of future performance.

Tip # 4 - Compare recent meetings

Is there a big head-to-head edge? Do the Falcons always beat the Bucs in Atlanta? Do the Bengals step up in class when Pittsburgh comes to town?

Tip #5 - Look for line movements and reverse line movements

Which way is the public going? Are the sharps with them, or waiting for the line to keep getting inflated before pouncing the other way?

Tip #6 - Know the importance of the matchup

A Week 2 NFL game is far different than a Week 13 matchup. Know the playoff possibilities and motivations for each side. Taking Dallas over an Eagles team that already clinched home field advantage in Week 17 of the 2017 season turned out to be easy money for those paying close attention. Philly played its 3rd string QB the majority of the game and never came close to caring about winning. Easy $ for Dallas backers.

Tip # 7 - Check head coach performance against opponent

Does Sean Payton own the Bucs but struggles with the Panthers? Certain teams give matchup problems to even the best NFL squads.

Tip # 8 - Check head coach vs. head coach

Jim Harbaugh vs. Pete Carroll used to be a blood-war in the NFC West. Pay attention to which coaches dominate head-to-head meetings with others, especially within the division.

Tip #9 - Check team performance on grass and turf.

We all know the Falcons and Saints love to play on fast tracks in their home domes. How do dome teams do outdoors and vice versa?

Tip #10 - Don't over-bet a game just because it's on National TV

Everybody loves the action of a Thursday, Sunday or Monday Night NFL game, but these are often the toughest to handicap. The oddsmakers know the public will be pounding these games and the lines are usually very dialed in making it difficult to find a real edge in these Prime Time matchups. Show some patience and save your big bets for games that really warrant them.

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College Football Tips

Know your rivalry games

And we're not just talking the obvious ones like Alabama-Auburn or Michigan-Ohio State. The Cal Bears may have a miserable season in progress but you have to know that when it comes to The Big Game against local rival Stanford, Cal will be up for the game no matter what the record going in may be. College kids aged 18 to 22 can be emotionally up and down, but rivalry games tend to bring out max effort and crazy results on a yearly basis, so be aware.

Head coaching matchups

Urban Meyer is undefeated against Jim Harbaugh entering the 2018 season. Will the Ohio State dominance continue or has Harbaugh based his entire Michigan offseason around finally beating the Buckeyes. Wagerpro is on top of this and countless other head coaching rivalries throughout the country.

Home field advantage

Not all home fields are worth the same. San Jose State playing at home to New Mexico might draw 10,000 apathetic fans. But when Boise State hosts a game on the blue turf, you're not only taking on the Broncos, you're taking on the entire state of Idaho, or so it seems. Know which crowds are game-changers and adjust your bets accordingly (beware of those road trips to Hawaii, visiting college kids tend to get distracted easily!).

Time zones and kickoff times

Last year it was Cal opening up at North Carolina. Two years ago it was Stanford at Northwestern. Cross country flights followed up by 9 a.m. body-clock kickoffs for the West Coast teams are always a huge obstacle to overcome. This isn't the NFL. These kids have to juggle school work and responsibilities and when they are forced to play so far away from home at a time they almost never play at, the opportunities for wagering success are abundant if you can identify the right situations.

Wild West Shootouts

Again, unlike the NFL, college football often brings a different style of play depending on what conference is in action. When Baylor and Oklahoma State match up in the pass-happy Big 12, you better believe the scoreboard operator will be working overtime and the total on a game will likely be posted in the 60s if not higher. Know each conference's strengths and weaknesses to evaluate games both in and out of conference.

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NBA Tips

Know the schedule

Now more than ever scheduling matters in the NBA. Be aware of which team is on the 2nd night of a back-to-back. Coaches (especially the Warriors' Steve Kerr) will smartly schedule rest for their veteran players when the games come too bunched together. Knowing who's playing and who's sitting makes a huge difference in modern-day NBA.

Head-to-head trends can matter

When the Warriors play the Pelicans, you can be assured a track meet will ensue as New Orleans loves the challenge of running against the best. But if it's a trip to San Antonio, Golden State knows slow-down basketball may be the strategy invoked to give the Spurs a chance to hang close. Don't just look at who wins the recent matchups, look at the final scores as over/under trends can often be a profitable way to go.

Know your individual matchups

Certain players get extra amped for certain games. Kyrie Irving will always want to play LeBron tough. LeBron will want to show out against the Warriors. Kawahi Leonard hates the Spurs and will surely give them his best effort when they matchup now that he is in Toronto. Chris Paul has a vowed hatred for the Warriors. Steph Curry loves to light it up in his home state of North Carolina. Be aware of all the individual motivations that can affect the game result.

College Basketball Tips

Head coaches matter

Coach K. Tom Izzo. Roy Williams. Jay Wright. John Calipari. In college basketball the coaches tend to be the stars far more than the players. Know which coaches have a history of success and which are trying to claw their way up the ladder. Come March Madness, it's no coincidence the same group of coaches tend to be around deep in the tourney.


More than ever, the best college players only stick around for 1 season before bolting for the NBA. Knowing which top high school players are going to have the ability to dominate at the college level is key to winning at college hoops.

Cinderella stories

Who is this year's George Mason or Wichita State? You probably had no idea the Nevada Wolfpack enters the 2018-19 season ranked high in the Top 10 in most preseason ratings, but the experts at Wagerpro are on top of it and will have you making money on the under the radar teams like Nevada all season long.

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Starting pitching

There's no single greater factor that affects a major league baseball team than the starting pitchers on both sides. Know the ins and outs of each starter. How does he perform at home, on the road, day and night? What is his history against the opposing batters and ball park? How do his season stats compare to his more recent form. The more information you attain, the better plan of attack you will have.


Great teams can't rely on starting pitching alone anymore. Virtually every playoff team will have a solid bullpen with a reliable closer. Teams blowing 8th and 9th inning leads are more commonplace than ever as top-notch bullpen arms are a coveted commodity. Know the 'pens you can trust to close out a game and also those to avoid.

Interleague play

Certain NL teams play much better when they get the added bat of a DH in their lineup. Know which teams love --- and which hate -- interleague matchups.

Consider 1st 5 inning plays

Tired of taking Madison Bumgarner and having a winning bet ready to cash only to see the Giants' bullpen blow it late? Consider taking a 1st 5 inning (or first half) bet, which virtually eliminates the bullpens from affecting the outcome. Your bet will be graded based on the score at the end of the 5th inning only.

Beware of massive favorites

Yes the Red Sox seem to win every day, but when you back them at a -300 price, you lose THREE TIMES the money on a day they happen to lose. At that price you'd have to go 3-1 with them just to break even! There are smarter ways to attack the board.

Parlaying big favorites

Instead of risking way too much money on a heavy favorite straight bet, consider pairing two together if you like a couple big favorites. Suddenly a -220 and a -180 favorite can be combined for a nice plus money 2-team parlay!

Don't forget the over/under

Max Scherzer against Cole Hamels? Forget trying to flip a coin to predict the winner. Bet the UNDER and root for both as the 0's roll in on the scoreboard! A couple of gas cans pitching in Texas? Bet the OVER and root root root for the home... runs!

Runlines can be valuable

Want play the Indians with Kluber on the hill but don't want to lay -220 and don't see anyone to parlay with? Consider playing the RUNLINE (you give up -1.5 runs, meaning your team has to win by 2 or more) at a considerably better price than the moneyline. But be careful, there are a lot of 1-run games in baseball, especially in the National league!