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This offer is exclusive for season members only. Jacks VIP Platinum service in previous years has always consisted of 50 players betting 25k per game or higher. It made sense in the past - to exclusively cater to high roller players only. However, with the supreme court ruling favoring states rights - creating more liquidity in the marketplace than ever before. Jack has decided his services will be better served in the hands of a much larger group of investors. From professional bettors to beginners alike, investors looking for an exciting way to make money by capitalizing on valuable time sensitive information.

In pursuit of acquiring as much market share as possible, Jack has made the bold decision to expand his Platinum Club to 500 new members and for a fraction of its normal cost. With over 7000 season active accounts - the word is out and the 500 spots will go fast! The prestige of this club is exclusive to its members and the benefits are endless.

Take advantage of a new era with sports betting being legal and gain access to the information only the real insiders know about. Get behind the lines with Jr Wins.

In order to qualify for Jacks Platinum service promotion, it requires an interview by one of Jacks Executive Directors. These are professionals hand selected and have been under Jacks tutelage for a very long time.