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Get informed, educated and armed with the most vital and relevant point spread information on all major sporting events with jrwins.com. Are you tired of betting your own picks that let you down year after year? Have you finally come to realize that it takes more than stats, trends and a couple of hours at the computer to turn a profit in this ultra-competitive industry? We have over 30 years of sports wagering and advising experience.

Take a leap of faith! Stop betting on the blind! Isn't it a lot more fun interacting with a pro, giving you the edge you need, than relying on yourself? JR will provide a bullet proof money management system to accelerate ongoing success.

With the popularity of sports betting sweeping the Nation, even the newest and smallest bettors, can now be a member of a once restricted club. The Platinum Club service in previous years has always been limited to high roller players only. However, with the supreme court ruling favoring states rights - creating more liquidity in the marketplace than ever before. JR has decided his services will be better served in the hands of a much larger clientele. From professional bettors to beginners alike, people that are looking for an exciting way to make money by taking advantage of time sensitive available information. In pursuit of acquiring as much market share as possible, JR has made the bold decision to expand The Platinum Club to 500 new members and for a fraction of its normal cost.

Once you become a member you will create a username and password that will give you easy access to ''The Platinum Club'' portal. This way you are certain you're receiving the same selections the biggest players in the world are capitalizing on. JR will also send you a text alert making it nearly impossible to miss any Platinum selections.

The Platinum Club is the backbone of Jrwins.com and the reason for its 20 + years of success. An exciting interactive way to get in the know with the Nation's greats. Experience the most relevant time sensitive information pertaining to the days spreads from a staff of professional analysts, writers, and handicappers selected by JR personally.



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